I met Sara through my Sister Julie.  Julie was telling me about an amazing babysitter she had…so what does any self respecting Sister do?  Steal the amazing babysitter!  With her Sister’s approval, of course.  Sara has become a part of our family and the kids adore her!  When she decided to have me take her high school senior pictures, I was thrilled.  Thank you Sara for trusting me to capture this special time in your life!

It takes a team to put together these shoots and I’m forever grateful for my Sister who styles my shoots and Kelby for the beautiful hair and makeup!

Styling: Julie Erne
Hair & Makeup: Kelby Blosser

A couple ‘behind the scenes’ shots of my Sis doing her thang.





Thank you Mom for reminding me we needed to decorate eggs and for bring all of the supplies!  Cousins and Easter egg decorating, it really doesn’t get any better!  I love how each of their personalities shows in the pictures.  I asked them to show me their eggs and the first four pictures are what they gave me.  Each uniquely different in their own way!


I am 2 and I WILL NOT put down the three eggs that I’m precariously holding in my hands!


Thank you Mom for snapping a couple of pictures of ME with the kids!


If only I had turned on the video to capture the laugh he was making with his egg…priceless!


Egg decorating is exhausting!  Good thing Mimi was there for some much needed snuggles that turned into a nap.


Our girls will play together for about 20 mins tops before we hear some screaming and crying followed by Mooooooooom or Daaaaaaaaad.  So you can image my joy when they had been playing together well over an hour, while I got some work done.  I’ve been a Mom for 5 1/2 years, I should know better by now!  I baked banana bread and left everything out because I was too lazy to clean it up.  My two little shadows decided to do a little baking of their own.  I didn’t have the heart to ask them to clean it up, our kitchen is a disaster but they had a blast.  The simple joys of childhood.

The Na’s are good friends of ours, so I was thrilled to photograph their family this past Fall.  With three kids and a very active 18 month old, with plans of his own, they kept me on my toes!  I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard at a shoot.  Thank you Jim and Cory!

Davis had other plans and they didn’t include sitting still for a family picture.

I’ve got that annoying squeaky toy, now lets see what she can do without it!

Ahhhh there we go, even without my trusted squeaky toy.

Trying to get some shots of Jim and Cory but Davis thought this was a really BAD idea!

Thank you Stella and Cooper for being such great assistants!

I loved every minute of this newborn shoot at this family’s Seattle home.  Baby Drew was so easy to work with and his big sister and brother were so much fun.  His big Sister Maya couldn’t get enough cuddles of her little baby brother, she sure does love this little guy!